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  • Biodegradable potty

Biodegradable potty

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Biodegradable Potties

The EcoSouLife eco potty is made from vegetable waste matter of corn, starch, bamboo and rice husks. It is a sustainable everyday product, that naturally biodegrades once buried the ground.

Each biodegradable potty begins life as rice and bamboo husks. These fibres are ground into a fine powder, which is mixed with a tiny amount of biodegradable resin. Pressed into our exclusive potty shape mould, it's then cooled and prepared for use. We strive to be sustainable in all areas, even down to our packaging – the cardboard sleeve on the potty is 100% recycled too.


•Lightweight: 0.6kg.

•Length 27.8 cm, Width: 20.7cm, Height: 17.2cm

Once you have completed your Potty Training, learn to garden and plant your Potty with seed and water it. Your Potty will be the food for something beautiful.

Be rewarded with a GRADUATION CERTIFICATE that you can download below.

Please write us a short e-mail and we will send you a packet of seeds for your Graduation Ceremony.



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